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Fisheries monitoring for Australia and New Zealand

Archipelago Asia Pacific provides independent at-sea fisheries monitoring programs to help fisheries manage and maintain our shared ocean resources. Based in Canberra, Australia, Archipelago Asia Pacific is a subsidiary of Archipelago Marine Research—an industry pioneer with more than 35 years experience delivering fisheries monitoring and assessment services.

CCTV technology and programs for fisheries monitoring

Electronic monitoring

Fisheries monitoring programs and technology for profiling fishing activity at sea

observers for fisheries monitoring

Onboard observers

Industry–certified review and reporting of fishing procedures, catch, bycatch and discards at sea

Fisheries monitoring at dockside

Port verification

Independent evaluation and biological sampling of catch offloaded at the dock

Marine environmental monitoring

Environmental consulting

Complete program design and management for sustainable coastal development

Fisheries monitoring

Archipelago works closely with fisheries, government regulators, and resource industry groups to deliver independent fisheries monitoring and review programs. Archipelago’s fisheries monitoring programs are optimized for each fishery and gear type, employing human observers (at sea and dockside), electronic monitoring, or both as appropriate for the application.

CCTV–based electronic monitoring

Since introducing its CCTV–based solution more than a decade ago, Archipelago has continually refined this technology, deploying more than 600 electronic monitoring (EM) systems, and recording more than 40,000 sea days each year. Whether you’re monitoring several boats or an entire fleet, Archipelago can help you to plan, launch, and manage your fisheries monitoring program.

Responsible fisheries management

Archipelago offers training, consulting, and certified data–review services, plus all the specialized equipment and software you need to monitor, log, and review fishing activity at sea.

  • Log sets, hauls, and sorting
  • View catch, bycatch, and discards
  • Verify fishing times and locations
  • Identify size and species of catch
  • Enforce license conditions
  • Review quota–management efforts
  • Assess protected–species interactions
  • Display fishing activity in real time
Reviewing fishing logs

A tradition of innovation

With an international portfolio spanning North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Archipelago monitors a full range of fisheries and gear types, and helps manage fisheries resources throughout some of the world’s most challenging climates and conditions, from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Indian Ocean and beyond.

Notable applications include a project with the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) to test electronic monitoring on tropical tuna vessels, and most recently, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) selected Archipelago to provide electronic monitoring services and equipment for selected Commonwealth fisheries around Australia.

Established in 1978, Archipelago Marine Research is a world leader in electronic fisheries monitoring programs and technologies. For more information, visit Archipelago Marine Research.

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“Archipelago understands the fishing industry; they respect fishermen and know how to plan, implement, and integrate at-sea monitoring programs.”

Linda Behnken

Executive Director, ALFA

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